Preclinical Research

Test your products in a biologically relevant model, the pig

A network of experts

Work with a network of experts in the pig model. We help sponsors locate study sites, design experiments, and help provide oversight during study execution.

Explore the gut-brain axis

Our roots are in researching nutrition and brain developent, ranging from experience in neuroimaging, behavioral analysis, and -omics level analyses. We help our sponsors identify appropriate outcomes for their studies.

Data Science

Don’t let your data collect dust, create data driven innovations

Understand your data

Whether we collected the data or not, we help analyze and interpret the data according to established statistical analysis plans.

We consult with our customers to conduct routine statistical analyses, explore their datasets, and conduct complex multivariate analyses. We tailor the tools used to help answer the fundamental research questions at hand.

Reproducible research

Don't let one person hold the keys to the project, create reproducible analyses.

Replication is the foundation of good science, and we maintain detailed documentation to allow 3rd party verification of our work.

Report Navigation

Manuscripts take time, let us accelerate the process and help publish your data

Take control

High employee turnover, overwhelming workloads, and lack of time are a few reasons why organizations don’t publish their data.


We help interpret data, conduct literature reviews, write manuscripts, and publish articles.

Traverse Science

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