Often, we have clients come to us because they need to become a quick expert on a topic.

Step 1: Start with a scan


Here the goal is to get birds-eye view of the landscape. We want to answer questions regarding the amount of research conducted, type of studies reported, and get a sense of how much data is within the scope of our interests.

We will search Pubmed, Google Scholar, and other databases to identify the available literature.

Overlapping search strategies will be used to refine broad searches into focused topics. Pending the hits retrieved from scanning, searches on sub-topics may be pursued or omitted from the search strategy.

Step 2: Scope the relevant studies

Here, hits from the scanning phase will be reviewed to identify scope fit. Full-texts from literature reviews, meta-analyses, and relevant original research will be collected. This is where we want to refine our search from 300 hits to 30 hits, for example.

Step 3: Review in-depth

Individual studies are reviewed for their content, quality, and applicability to answer the overall research question.  We generate a table of the research, classify, categorize, and rank each report. Ultimately, we provide a cleaned table with the analyzed review and our insight on the interpretation.

Be the hero and have the ammo to take action – all while focusing on the projects you already have on your desk.