Month in Review: April 2022

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We’ve been quiet, but we had a good reason

We’ve been hard at work in the first quarter of 2022 – our team is tackling projects for multiple commodities groups, a medical nutrition company, and a global food brand. We’ve been busier than ever! We love leveraging the literature to enable your evidence-driven decision-making, and are grateful that you trust us with your substantiation, gap analysis, and landscape review needs.

Now that things are getting under control again, we wanted to share a quick roundup of some things we’ve been loving lately:

This platform for scoping reviews.

We’ve been on the hunt for a better way to scope articles in our reviews, and have been really happy with Rayyan so far. It’s easy to collaborate, helps identify duplicates quickly, and keep includes/excludes masked to avoid biasing your reviewers.




This piece in Nature on the value of living evidence.

While the article focuses on evidence synthesis in the wake of COVID-19, the principles underlying living evidence are pertinent to anyone interested in a field

where research is growing. We especially love that living evidence allows innovation pipelines to respond to new data with agility – which is crucial in competitive markets.


LinkedIn Learning.

We love LinkedIn because it’s a powerful tool for connection, but did you also know that it’s a powerful tool for education? We’ve fallen hard for LinkedIn Learning in 2022 – using the platform to brush up on everything from the latest trends in data visualization to finally understanding aperture and shutter speed on a DSLR.



This stuff.

It’s spicy, it’s garlicky, and we’re obsessed. Make it, put it on pizza, hide it from your family so you can eat it all by yourself (Or just buy it. We don’t judge.)



Getting to know you better.

We’ve been using LinkedIn polls more in an effort to understand who you are, how you work, and how we can make your research efforts more impactful. Follow along on our LinkedIn page and help make us the best we can be! If you’re curious about how we feel about the poll you see here, check out our article on review optimization.

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