Month in Review: June 2022

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We can’t keep a secret – our new website is live and we’re in love

We’re a team on a mission to bring evidence-driven decision-making to feed, food, and beverages. Our new website puts that mission front and center thanks to our review services. We hope it clarifies not only what we do, but why we’re here to help.

We’re settling into regular life again after a long weekend here in the US (Happy Fourth of July to those who celebrate) but before we do, here’s your monthly roundup of things that made us think, made our work easier, and made us smile:

Stop squandering data.

Reporting standards (or the lack thereof) is a frequent topic of conversation here at Traverse. And honestly, we have yet to encounter a body of literature that truly handles reporting well. This is problematic for growing evidence synthesis and meta-analysis communities because it makes rigorous review more challenging, time-consuming, and error-prone. As you move through conference season this summer, pay extra attention to the reporting tactics you see – and maybe even start a conversation with a colleague. How can your community improve reporting and put evidence first?


This method strengthens reporting in observational research.

Reporting standards can be especially difficult in observational research because there are just so many details – it’s easy to forget, and something that seems small in the context of your study might be crucial to one of your readers. STROBE checklists make it a little bit easier to feel confident that you’ve been thorough and make it easier for others to use, cite, and discuss your research.


This is way better than email.

If you’ve worked on a project with us, you probably recognize Basecamp. It enables our team to communicate on our own time while organizing our thoughts, deadlines, and projects in a really intuitive way. It’s a must-have for our distributed team (Did you know that we live across 9 time zones?)




Our summer cookout plans just got a lot more delicious.

And also messier. But nothing screams “summer” quite like a seafood boil among friends while the kids play in the sprinkler. (And between you and me: the potatoes are the real star).




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