Month in Review: May 2022

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Sunny days ahead and we couldn’t be more excited.

We’ve managed to wrap up a few projects this month, which is perfect timing for those of us headed out on early summer trips. Before we pack up the straw hats and sunscreen, we wanted to pass on some things that have made us think, made us smile, and made us hungry for more this month:

What scientists in food and beverage could learn from COVID.

The deluge of COVID-related data in the last 2 years has brought long-standing questions about the fundamental nature of evidence-driven decision-making to the front of a lot of minds. Stakeholders in nutrition-driven industries are faced with an incredible opportunity: piggyback on evidence synthesis to drive innovation, quickly.



What’s the best review strategy?

Our newest blog dives into the merits and pitfalls of different review strategies, our preferred method, and our #1 tip for improving the quality of data extraction for your structured review. You might be surprised by our stance on single v. dual review!



Our team is growing!

In May, Rachel Fleming officially became our Administrative Coordinator. Rachel comes to us from a decade-long career as an educator, and we are so excited to have her here.





In June, consultant Jenny Morris will be transitioning from her part-time role with us to a full-time position as a review manager! We’re thrilled to have added not only her deep expertise in swine nutrition to our knowledge base but also her inherent understanding of our evidence-driven mission to our team.



What you should cook for dinner tonight.

Between the delicious-looking recipes and engaging nutrition facts, the mushroom council is making evidence delicious and accessible. This burger is definitely going on our weekend grilling list!




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