Get manuscripts off your desk and into a journal.

Scoping & Contracting


Initial Meeting

  • Meet with the client to discuss the science, reasoning behind conducting the study, business needs, and understand why the manuscript is important
  • Discuss timeline and budget at a high level
  • Request access to data
  • Confidentiality Agreements are entered into if necessary

Internal Review

  • Review of the methods, results, and level of scientific rigor
  • We conduct an abbreviated lit search of similar research to better understand the scientific landscape




  • We provide a Statement of Work detailing the engagement, estimated budget, and timeline for completion
  • We work with our client’s legal department or use our own Master Services Agreement to establish the Terms of Service

Manuscript Writing


Manuscript Outline

The first step is quick, but immensely important. Further literature review is conducted and within 5 business days of contract execution, we create a manuscript outline and meet with the Client as necessary to align on the manuscript moving forward.

30-Day Draft

Within 30 days we provide the client a first draft for review. (This is your first draft, but it’s not our first draft!)

Within this timeframe we complete the literature review, perform the necessary statistics, and create preliminary figures and tables according to the manuscript outlined.

At this stage we may identify some holes in methods reporting, or perhaps that an alternative statistical analysis is required, or major changes in the direction of the manuscript should be taken



3-Round Review Process

  • ROUND 1: After providing the first draft and getting feedback, this is where we have an opportunity to address reporting issues, updates to statistical analyses, and make major revisions in collaboration.
  • ROUND 2: Here we finalize the content, complete figures and tables, and address any remaining major revisions.
  • ROUND 3: Round 3 is a final polish and dress-up to get the manuscript ready for journal submission.

Journal Submission, Review & Re-Submission



We handle all aspects of journal submission. Gathering the necessary contact information, ORCID IDs, writing the cover letter, providing high res versions of figures, uploading all supplemental material, and proofing manuscript submissions.


Lastly, we have the fun and engaging review process. Here we assist with addressing reviewer feedback, identifying what can and can’t be changed, and communicating with the journal editors. Major and minor revisions are made, and the manuscript is re-submitted.



Writing FAQ

  • We believe science should be as transparent as possible.
  • Those who make a substantial intellectual contribution to a manuscript should be credited with authorship. For us, we often engage with clients after the data has been generated. If we assist with statistical analysis, interpretation, and drafting the manuscript with intellectual content, we ask for authorship in the middle of the author line.
  • We typically do not ghostwrite, but we will provide proofing, grammar edits, and feedback without asking for authorship.

Safety of Ingredients in Infant Formula

Pectin may be one of the world’s oldest thickeners, perhaps most known for its uses in jams and jellies. It is a fermentable and soluble fiber that can be used to thicken beverages and infant formula. As part of a call by the European Food and Safety Administration for an assessment of the safety of pectin for infants below 16 weeks of age we assisted with the publication of research on pectin’s effect on growth and nutrient digestibility in formula.

As technical writers, we relish opportunities to make stories out of data. We first began by conducting a quick literature review to identify other work in the field, compiled regulatory guidelines for use of this ingredient in pediatric products, and combed through clinical research investigating its safety.

We reviewed the data from our client, worked internally to generate a manuscript explaining the results and their biological significance, and after a 3-round review process submitted the work for publication.

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All engagements are priced on a per project basis, rather than hourly or on retainer. We never engage in a project without understanding what we are getting into first.