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Choosing Tools To Answer Your Research Questions In Nutritional Neuroscience

Dietary factors have the ability to benefit or impair multiple aspects of our health. There is an ab...

The best evidence that 2′fucosyllactose improves learning and memory: A case study

Is the secret to a high IQ hiding in your gut? Hyperbole aside, modulation of the microbiome via pre...


  • Tia Rains

    I’ve known Co-Founder Stephen Fleming since his time in graduate school, I look forward to his leadership in nutrition science.

    VP Customer Engagement & Strategic Development
    Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc
  • Erin Glynn

    We needed somebody to push the project forward and get it done, and Traverse Science did that.

    Senior Principal Scientist
  • Käte Davis

    Traverse understood the gut microbiome space and the chemistry of our product, and we needed the intersection of the two.

    Senior Director of Pioneering Innovation
    CP Kelco
  • Jonas Hauser

    I have used Traverse Science’s manuscript writing services and was impressed by the rapidity to generate high quality manuscripts. I can only recommend working with them.

    Senior Specialist in Neurocognition

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