Stephen Fleming, PhD

Co-Founder and CEO

Stephen found his roots first in psychology (B.S) and later as a neuroscientist (PhD) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His mission is to create tools, teams, and frameworks that enable others to cut through misinformation and data overload to understand the science. He helps researchers at global nutrition organizations take a visual and evidence-based approach to scientific substantiation.

Ryan Dilger, PhD

Co-Founder and Vice President
As a trained animal scientist and nutritionist, Ryan Dilger has long recognized the value of the pig model. An active scientist in nutrition for humans and agricultural species, Ryan has been a key leader in engineering solutions for using the pig in neuroscience. Ryan combines a passion for nutrition, engineering, and industry experience to Traverse.

Tristen Paul, MSc

Research Manager

Tristen received her MSc in Animal Science from Stellenbosch University where she performed meta-analyses on the reproductive physiology of various species. She leads project work and specializes in evidence synthesis techniques such as scoping reviews, evidence mapping, and meta-analysis. In almost everything she does, she simply gets it done.

Rachel Fleming, MEd

Admin Coordinator & Data Analyst

Rachel is a former special education teacher with an MEd in Curriculum and Instruction and a MasterTrack certificate in Instructional Design from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She enables the team to focus on the science and specializes in organization and data visualization.

Our Roots

Our journey began when Stephen Fleming and his co-founder, Ryan Dilger, began pioneering the use of cognitive tasks and magnetic resonance imaging to understand early life brain development.

In 2015, together they created a dedicated, high- throughput piglet rearing facility for the testing of nutritional products. What started as in interest in infant formula and brain development led to a broader interest in the role of nutrition and health. We created Traverse to get science out of the lab and on the market.
We like science and it doesn’t have to be hard. Let’s get science done, together.

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