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Discovery Review

The Traverse Science Discovery Review is a collaborative, iterative engagement meant to help the client focus their research questions and inform decision-making. 

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Investment is usually $5,000 - $10,000
Engagement is usually 5 weeks


1. Align

Meet with a consultant to identify your business and research problems. Work together to determine how scientific review can help and form an initial question to explore.


2. Review

Your consultant evaluates the existing literature to identify patterns, notable reviews, key opinion leaders, and existing evidence on your topic. Then, your consultant recaps their findings.


3. Refine

Iterate on the question together, repeating step 2 as needed to refine the research question and develop search terms that produce focused, relevant results.


4. Scope

Using the question established together, your consultant develops a PICO table of appropriate inclusion criteria. They also compile a list of relevant research papers.


  • Develop a relevant research question that aligns with your business needs

  • Establish inclusion/exclusion criteria that appropriately refine and manage your search

  • Identify and deliver the literature that can answer the questions at hand


  • PICO table
  • Bibliography of relevant articles

After your assessment, your consultant can help you explore relevant next steps to leverage your results, including our systematic review services that enable evidence-driven decision making through:

  • data extraction
  • database preparation
  • gap analysis
  • data visualization
  • custom solutions
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Please note, if you already have solid inclusion criteria for your project,
a systematic review may be more appropriate for your needs.
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