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Structured Review

At Traverse Science, structured review is the core of what we do. We work with you to identify a focused research question, then organize the relevant science in a database that powers business decisions. With our help, you can understand the evidence, align business units, empower teams, and produce results, fast.

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We also offer a variety of custom solutions to tailor your review
with additional assets that fully leverage the evidence


Traverse Science offers three levels of review:

Level 1: a view from the top

for when you need the big picture: organized information from the abstract

A high-level review meant to capture the literature in broad strokes. By extracting data from the abstract only, we focus on primary outcomes and don’t get bogged down. This review is great if you want to explore a new domain, identify key opinion leaders, or learn what’s what on a broad hypothesis before diving deeper.

what to expect:

  • basic bibliographic data
  • general study design
  • primary qualitative outcomes
  • PRISMA table

Level 2: horizon scan

for when you need to see it all: thorough evidence to power decisions

Our mid-level review is meant to balance depth of evidence with high levels of comparability between studies. By extracting data from the full-text, we gain insights beyond just the basics. Qualitative outcome measurements and domain-level outccome assessments condense a broad variety of measurements so you can see the most important relationships, quickly.

you get everything from level 1, plus:

  • data extraction from full text
  • in-depth study design
  • domain-level outcomes
  • qualitative outcome classification

Level 3: deep dive

for when you’re hungry for more: analysis that satiates big appetites for evidence

Our most in-depth review is meant for cases where the nitty-gritty is key. We search the full- texts and verify using supplemental material to make sure you have the most accurate information available. Quantitative data and P-values allow you to evaluate the strength of relationships in your database, while complete group descriptions make it easy to organize based on the details that matter to you.

you get everything from level 2, plus:

  • data extraction from full text + supplementary materials
  • complete group descriptions
  • quantitative outcome classification
  • statistical data such as P-values

Your review will help you:

substantiate claims
leverage existing data
understand the landscape
evaluate sustainability
find key opinion leaders


  • Extract the most important data from the literature, centered on your specific needs

  • Organize data so it is searchable, shareable, and easy to use

  • Educate business units to fully leverage the accumulated evidence

  • Enable evidence-driven decision-making


• Searchable, shareable database

• Progress updates via a personalized dashboard

• Access to full-text documents

• Custom walk-through from our team

• Subscription options to make your living database thrive

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During our review process, we will:


1. Assess

Work with your consultant to establish inclusion criteria and scope the literature to answer your question.


2. Construct

Co-create a list of variables to extract. Your consultant then builds the framework for your database.


3. Dual Extraction

At least two members of our team independently extract the relevant data from each source.


4. Dual Review

Our system flags disagreements and we collaboratively address each conflict by cross-referencing the source.


5. Communicate

We create a custom walk-through of your final database≠≠ and recommend any other custom solutions you may need.


6. Maintain

Create a living database with subscription options that keep you up to date and your investment working for you.

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